Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

25 Apr 2018

Capsule for the Day

When we are at the receiving end of wrong, it is likely that we would try to make it even. There is fulfilment in seeing that wrong is met with retribution. But Christ turns the table around with the Beatitude "Happy are those who mourn", who bear the wrong and let it go. It isn't easy to let go. "You mean you let him walk away with it?" You are foolish.

Our actions and attitudes as Christians are often seen as foolish. They defy basic reason. Why must I mourn the wrong done me when I can sue for justice? Why must I go through the pain, the hurt while the "bastard" who hurt me is roaming the street with no qualms of conscience? It doesn't make sense. What is happy about mourning?

Nothing, when we look at it from the secular eye of instant gratification. But the Christian eye, which is the eye of Christ, sees more than the now. It hopes for the best. It is this hope that makes the one who mourns happy; this hope makes his or her foolishness God's wisdom; this hope saves both the one who wrongs and the one who is wronged.

Fr. Francis Afu

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