Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

23 Aug 2018

There is always _the how question._ How do I focus on what God is doing? The Biblical Mary gives us the answer: _She rejoiced in the Lord, her Saviour_ . She didn't settle in "the valley" (her own reality). She climbed "the mountain" (God's reality) and she looked from the mountain at all that was happening. Only one thing made sense, rejoice in God.

Rejoice is the normal attitude of new birth. It is an attitude of one who had died to the given realities around him or her. This death isn't a denial or an act of indifference. It is a state in which we simply don't let all the happenings have power over us. Rather, we rise like Christ and exercise His power over our experiences; and then we are free to rejoice. 

In the Magnificat, we find that by rejoicing in the Lord, Mary was focusing on God. She was focusing on what God had done, how He had looked at His servant in her lowliness. She was also focusing on what God is doing, bringing down the mighty from their thrones. Finally, she was focusing on what God will do, protect Israel His servants.

Fr. Francis Afu

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