Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

07 Nov 2018

There is a hunger in each and every one of us for something more, to become more. It is a hunger that drives us to seek. William of Saint-Thierry, the Twelfth Century Cistercian, narrows this hunger to Love and Truth. He suggested that "love of the truth drives us from the world to God, and the truth of love sends us back from God to the world".

Now, love and truth are often explained away as concepts. But in Biblical language, they are personified. Love is a Person - God. And truth is also a Person - the Son of God. So, putting William's suggestion in context, God drives us or He calls us out of our world to encounter His Son and He then sends us back to our world to be His sons and daughters. 

Notice, we are first taken out of our own world before we are sent back to it. This process runs through all of the Scriptures. We see Moses for instance, being called out from his world, and then sent back to it. But the calling out is always demanding. It asks something of us, "let go". And until we let go, we can't know His Son, we can't be His children. 

Fr. Francis Afu 

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