Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

08 Nov 2018


Capsule for the Day

I am Spiritual, Not Religious 

"I am spiritual, not religious" seems to be the fashion statement these days. I hear it all the time, especially among young adults. But what is interesting about this statement is the question it begs, what is religion. I have asked many people this question, and the answer they give is anything except religion. Some, simply say religion is a problem.

Is religion truly a problem? Now, let's establish some premises. Premise One: religion is about our relationship with God. Premise Two: God is Good. He cannot but be Good. Premise Three: we are good, and we are free to remain good or be evil. Conclusion: when we remain good, we gravitate towards God, thus, we have a good relationship with Him.

Now, how can it be a problem to have a good relationship with God, the Good? For we can't know and love God, without becoming good. The irony is we want to experience God's love, but we don't want to know Him, to love Him and to communicate with Him. Sadly, many reactions against religion come from this irony. Religion isn't a problem. We are.

Fr. Francis Afu 

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