Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

24 Nov 2018

Many of us are very familiar with the line: "You are the captain of your ship, the pilot of your plane". It is a line that challenges us to take charge of our life and steer its course. To achieve this, it is important we attempt the question, "who is a good pilot". Recently, a pilot helped me out. He said, "a good pilot communicates with the traffic control tower".

He doesn't just jump into a plane and then take off. He assesses the engine, checks the checklist, calls the traffic control tower, listen to them, does what he is told, updates the tower and the crew. And he keeps this communication line going all through the flight time. Why? Because the traffic control tower knows the traffic situation of the air space.

This kept me thinking and wondering. How many of us start our day without spending time to assess our lives; without meditating on God's Word; without calling on God, listening to Him and acting on what He says? Imagine the difference it would make if we talk with God all through the day; updating Him and constantly ask Him for direction.

Fr. Francis Afu

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