Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

27 Jan 2017

Capsule for the Day

When we find something we truly love, we don't just let it go. We desire it. We go all out for it. We often don't care what people say or think of us at such times. We focus on what or who we love. We don't give up. We take the insults, suffer the pain and even lay down our lives for what we love.

It is like the parable of the pearl of great price, a treasure found in the fields. We sell all we own to have it. But the challenge is to find what we love or who we love. Like all matters of the heart, when we find it, we will know it. All we need to do is to keep searching, and never settle.

But it is hard work to keep searching for weeks, months and even years. It is worse when our friends or relatives have found what they love or who they love and we haven't a clue as yet. The temptation to give up becomes stronger. However, it is at such moments that we shouldn't give up.

Fr. Francis Afu

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