Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

22 Mar 2017

Capsule for the Day 

At the prime of our lives, when "the going" is good and smooth, we don't lack friends and acquaintances. We don't even have to look for them. They come, they come in abundance like Swans. They greet us with cheers and praises. They grace our tables, and eagerly come to our help.

But when the going is bad and rough, we cry for help, and if we are lucky, we find many who come, not to help, but to blame. We suddenly become loners in the crowd. We look for our friends, and all we can get is a list of excuses. The language has changed; and the cheers are now jeers.

Imagine Christ on His way to Calvary. He was alone. The crowd that shouted Hosanna, Hosanna; changed and started to shout Crucify Him, Crucify Him. Unbelievable! But that is life. Fortunately, the story didn't end in shame. He arose!  He overcame! And so, too, will we, who are now forsaken.

Fr. Francis Afu

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