Daily Capsule - Fr Francis Afu

11 Apr 2017

Capsule for the Day 

There comes a time when we have to let go. A time we have to bury the person we have and love. A time to move on, to begin another phase of life, a life without the person we love and behold. This time, though challenging and often demanding, has its hopes, its joy and its beauty.

But the memories of the past never get buried. They linger on: they torment us if they were bad or they comfort us if they were good. We do take solace in the fact that we knew our loved ones, we had quality time with them and we have good memories to savour those times.

Mary, for sure had those good memories to savour Her time with Her Son. She, like many of us, had to deal with the reality of letting go of Her Son's Body for burial. Imagine the vacuum created by Her loss, and on the other hand imagine the comfort that comes from accepting the loss.

Fr. Francis Afu

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