08 Sep 2016

"Christianity - at its centre, the story of love's mending of wounded hearts - forms a potent resource for making sense of our existence,  It provides the strongest available underpinning for values including the sanctity of life, the dignity of the individual, and human responsbility for the environment.  It is the only world faith apart from Judaism to have weathered the storms of modernity.  The state of contemporary academic philosophy is such that many of life's big questions are being better addressed by theology.  For all their shortcomings, the Churches are the greatest single fount of social capital on earth.  Say these things with confidence in many quarters, however (especially among intellectuals and opinion formers), and you are likely to prompt scepticism or outright scorn."

Rupert Shortt; GOD IS NO THING...Hurst & Coy London 2016. P.1...122pp.

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