Capsule for the Day - Fr. Francis Afu

16 Aug 2017

Capsule for the Day

I love this saying "it's just life". There is nothing as soothing as the saying "it's just life" in the heart of trouble. Things happen. Many things do happen that we have no control whatsoever. We can't explain why they do and we can't really understand what they are on about. In plain terms, "it's just life".

Jack for instance had this big dream. He found a great mate to help him realise the dream. Things were very ok between them. They were a perfect business partners. No warning sign. It just happened. Jack's mate sold Jack out to competition. Jack trusted him. He betrayed Jack.

So many thoughts ran through Jack's mind. But none appealed to him. All he could say was "it's just life. I have to move on". At some points, we, like Jack, realise it's just life. We have to move on. The spilt milk can't be fresh milk again. But the spilt milk can be manure for other dreams to grow.

Fr. Francis Afu

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