Advisory Committees

Parish Pastoral Council:  Formation of the Council:   The Bishop commissioned the new Pastoral Council on the fifth Sunday of Easter 18th May 2014.  The Council is based on the approved Constitution as amended 2005.

In his homily at the Commissioning Mass the Bishop outlined three particular tasks for the Pastoral Council: to build and maintain a “welcoming community”; to ensure there is “no one overlooked”; and to remember that “Jesus Christ” is our All – the Alpha and the Omega.  The training resources focus on three areas of rebuilding a parish:  Awakening the faithful, seeking out the lost, making Church matter.   In all this the Parish vision taken from Acts 2:42-46 will be kept to the fore:  A Catholic Community – faithful to the teaching of the Apostles – faithful to prayer – faithful to the breaking of the bread – Alive in the Spirit as a Catholic community – sharing what we have with those in need…

The Council comprises:  The Priests of the Parish; Charlie Allen (Principal)  – Alanna McRae (Principal) - Belinda Burton (Deputy Principal & REC) – Maureen Armatage  – Joseph Brown – Margaret Carson – Peter Elliot – Declan McGrath – Jenny Pigram – Paul Robinson  – Jenny Roff – Damian Schmude – Kerri Steller (Secretary) – Rob Tindale (Deputy Chair) – Jacqueline Toakley (Chair) – Richard Kiprono Koesch.

Parish Finance Committee: This group advises the Administrator in the financial management of the Parish. Meetings are monthly. The Parish Finance Committee operates according to the Diocesan statutes based on Canon Law. The Committee comprises: The Parish Administrator, John Hanrahan (Chair) Anthony Rogers (Secretary) , Alyssa Lincoln, Gary Burton, Chris Cunningham, Ben Fittler, Veronica Schmude, Kate Pigram & Ambrose Hallman. The Property Committee: Kate Pigram, Gary Burton, Ambrose Hallman, John Hanrahan.  The Stewardship Committee:  Convenors  Kate Pigram & Ambrose Hallman.

Any enquiries concerning these committees can be made to the Parish Administrator.

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