Homily - Homily for the 20th Sunday, Year B

19 August 2018 

The Food that Satisfies

We are a hungry people. We have been so starved that we often don't know the food that truly satisfies our hunger: for meaning, for purpose, for identity, for affirmation, for connection, for healing, for love, for God: the Source of our being and our Creator. We are looking for real food, but we end up eating foods that don't satisfy, leave us hungry. 

We eat the foods of wealth, power, honour and pleasure that  poison our system. Foods that leave us addicted. Foods that make us less who we are. Foods that Jesus in John 6:51-58 said "our fathers ate and died". He knows these foods aren't real food. He also knows we can be easily deceived by their aroma that is why He offers us the real food of life.

This food is Himself, His own flesh given for the life of the world - satisfies our hunger for affirmation. "The bread that comes down from heaven" - satisfies our hunger for our origin. "... He who eats My bread... abides in Me and I in him" - satisfies our hunger for connection. "... He who eats Me shall live because of Me" - satisfies our hunger for purpose. 

Fr. Francis Afu 

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