Homily - Homily for the 33rd Sunday, Year B

18 November 2018 

Apokálypsis - Apocalypse
Apocalypse is a very controversial word. Many take it to mean the destruction of the world or visions about the end of time. But in its original Greek usage, Apokálypsis is "an uncovering". It means "pulling off the veil in order to reveal something". Scot Hahn argues that the Book of Apocalypse is the revelation of the True Worship - the Lamb's Supper.
This understanding helps us to appreciate the Book of Daniel. Daniel uses apocalyptic language to communicate prophecies. At first sight, they could be alarming like the text of Daniel 12:1-3, but in reality, Daniel is unveiling to us the dominion and glory of the Son of Man and those who remains faithful to Him. Steadfastness is the core of his prophecy.
When we pull the veil off Mark 13:24-32, what is revealed to us is the Son of Man coming in the cloud, with power and glory. Power, not as we may understand it, but as the in-breaking of God's Kingdom. This Kingdom reveals the transitory nature of all other kingdoms and calls us to look forward to the full realisation of God's Eternal Kingdom.
Fr. Francis Afu
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