Homily - Homily for Christ the King, Year B

25 November 2018 

Capsule for the Day
Christ is the King
What does it mean when we say Christ is the King? It simply means He is the Lord, from the Latin "Dominus". It means He dominates the entirety of our lives, not just some aspects. It means Christ is the source from which everything I think, say, do or choose not to do flows. He is the end for which I live, move and have my being. It means to live is Christ.
These are the implications of calling Christ, the King. They demand something of us. They demand making a choice between living for "oneself" vs living for Christ. Truth be told, we can't avoid the cross when we choose to live for Christ. For the path that leads to Christ, the King is always crossed by those who fight against Him, His Kingdom.
The good news is the cross doesn't end in death. There is the resurrection. So, calling Christ the King means announcing our own death to His enemies (which means their lures and charms will no longer have power over us), so that we can live for Him (delight in His reign, His rule). This grace in us "to die to", "and rise for", reveals Christ is our King.
Fr. Francis Afu
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