Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

31 May 2017 

Capsule for the Day
Mary's yes to God was indeed a yes to God's will. And God's will is to raise up the lowly and bring down the mighty. Who are the lowly? Are they those who misuse opportunities and give in to sloth? Are they the "poor me", "the whole world is against me"? They are definitely none of these.
The lowly are truly those who depend on God; those who trust Him even when it seems He doesn't make sense; those who believe that no matter how dark it is or gets, God is bigger than them, their situation. This is the attitude of Mary; an attitude that confesses the greatness of God.
The fruit of this attitude is it sets us on a mission. In the case of Mary, it was a mission to visit her cousin and confirm the greatness of God... And the child in Elizabeth's womb leapt for joy. Notice, the confession of God’s greatness reveals our mission and bears the fruit of joy, joy that humbles us.


Fr. Francis Afu
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