Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

30 May 2017 

Capsule for the Day 
The petrol station is an interesting place to spend one's free time. I learned a lot watching cars, trucks drive in and out. They all drive out as soon as they get what they wanted. Does that strike a cord? Not at all! Great! But we go to God only when we want Him, and then drive... right?
No, no... that is too confronting. We love God. Yes, we do, and we love Him very much like we love a product. We buy Him when we want Him and throw Him into the bin when we don't want Him anymore. More and more, our society is shaping our philosophy and our faith. "God is one product".
And there are many products competing for our buying power. God doesn't often make it on our shopping list. He has many rules that curtail our freedom. We want to be free from God... and yet we want God to be God... We want Him to save us from tragedy. Do we really know what we want?


Fr. Francis Afu
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