Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

13 June 2017 

Capsule for the Day
It is common nowadays for people to say "I am not religious", that is, I don't practice any religion or belong to any religion. This is becoming a kind of fashion statement especially among the younger generation. They are the 'nones'. We are getting a generation who are unchurched or a-religious.
But the irony of it is there is a hunger among the nones for meaning, for purpose, for something bigger than themselves. There is a craving for ritual, for the spiritual; but definitely not God, not religion. They need God, but they don't seem to realise it or they just deny it. So, they struggle! 
From a distance, it is easy to analyse the nones. It is easy to say "that serves them right" especially when their struggle leaves them depressed. But the truth is we don't know enough to judge them. Perhaps, they need our compassion not judgement; our companionship not indifference.
Fr. Francis Afu
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