Homily - Homily

3 July 2017 

Capsule for the Day

"Don't let your hearts be troubled... trust in God still and trust in me..." (John 14: 1-6). There are three things here. First is the reality of life. When stuff happens we tend to worry and panic... We are taken aback and sometimes we begin to drown. But this doesn't help. It makes stuff ugly.

Second, what do we do then? Jesus gives us the answer... don't panic... don't let your hearts be troubled. Take a deep breath, step back, relax and then act. What action? Third, trust in God still... notice trust in God still. It means even when the situation looks hopeless, we should still trust in God.

But trust in God and in Jesus for what? For a remedy, for an answer and for a solution. Trust doesn't make sense in certainty. It makes sense in the dark night of uncertainty, when all indicators point to despair. Then, we hang on to God, remembering what He has done, expecting Him to do it again.

Fr. Francis Afu

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