Homily - Daily Capsule - Fr. Francis Afu

23 July 2017 

Capsule for the Day

"The majority of humanity fear God because they don't trust Him". They feel God doesn't care about them and He doesn't have their best interest at heart. Where did this all begin? At the Garden of Eden when the devil sowed the seed of distrust in humanity. "If you eat 'the fruit' you shall not die".

"You shall not die" contradicted what God had earlier said. But that wasn't the breaking point. The devil went on to say "He, God knows that if you eat this fruit you will be like Him". Here, he took advantage of the weakness of humanity - to be anything except who we truly are. Adam, Eve fell here.

Two lessons to learn from the above. First, trust is an essential element of any relationship, when it's broken, the relationship breaks. Second, the devil takes advantage of our weaknesses to sow the seed of distrust in order to destroy our relationships. Thus, we have to trust to keep our relationship.

Fr. Francis Afu

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