Homily - Homily for 28th Sunday, Year A

22 October 2017 

Capsule for the Day

Why was Jesus very particular about whose image and inscription was on the coin in Matthew 22:15-21? The answer is simple. An image is a sign of ownership. For the coin to bear the image of Caesar means he owns the coin. Second, the inscription is a mark of authority; who calls it?

Obviously, Jesus was making it clear to the Pharisees, you are bearing God's image not Caesar's. It is God that owns you. You shouldn't be worried about Caesar's threats. At the end, God will call it for what it is. God is the one who authors you... "He is the author and perfecter of our faith".

So, give back to Caesar that which belongs to him, you don't belong to him. You belong to God. You bear God's image. Give your whole self to God. "I am God. Don't plot to destroy Me because you will be destroying yourself. Give back Caesar's image and then you will give yourself to Me".

Fr. Francis Afu

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