Homily - Homily for 2nd Sunday of Lent: Year B

25 February 2018 

Capsule for the Day

I grew up with the understanding that faith is a leap into the dark, the unknown. But after reading Paul D Gardner's description of faith, I have come to understand faith as a leap into Light, into the Known, arising from the Word God has spoken. Faith, St. Paul says "comes from hearing...."

So, without the Word, the Known, there is no faith. Now, when we sit with this understanding and turn to Mark 9: 2-10 we begin to appreciate why the voice of the Father said "listen to Him". For He, Christ, is the Word. He is the Word that the Father has spoken. We have to listen to Him.

Why do we have to listen to Him? First, to have faith. For faith changes our perceptive. With faith, we see things from a whole new way, the Way of the Word. Second, to hear the truth. The truth that we matter; that you and I are good enough for the Father to give up His Only Son for us.

Fr. Francis Afu

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